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Welcome to the Nexus Community. Whether you’re a casual Minecraft gamer, a hardcore PvP player or an avid builder, Nexus Minecraft offers you a gateway to achieve all that and more.

Nexus Minecraft is led by our owner BboyZeroOne. Some of you may recognise him from Xeal Gaming, as the Founder & Leader of iXenocracy. With his core members assisting as his Admins, we strive to provide our players with a network server that will offer you exciting features and gameplay.

We hope this server will encapsulate the values of what we had imagined its purpose to be; that you’ll find laughter amidst your gameplay, that you’ll forge friendship outside of the game & that it’ll get you through the tough times after school / work. 

Thank you for being a part of our journey and we hope to see you soon!


Nexus Minecraft Team

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  • Added a new SkyBlock running on 1.13.2
  • Added SkyBlock Spawn (/is spawn | Under Construction)
  • Added Elevators!
  • Added Disguise!
  • Added NPC Auctions!
  • Fixed Voting Rewards!
  • Added Spleef Games!
  • Added Paintball Games!
  • Factions World Border increased from 2.5k to 5k!
  • Website Design, UI and Forum Updated!
  • You may now view Live Factions Map on our website!
  • You may now follow us at @nexusminecraft on Instagram!
  • Visit us on Facebook @ Nexus Minecraft!

Here are the recent changes and updates of the server and its services.

  • Custom server IP ( (Completed)
  • Custom web domain with SSL cert ( (Completed)
  • Add Creative/Plots Server World (Completed)
  • Install creative plots plugin (Completed)
  • Auto rank promotion upon purchase (Completed)
  • Fix first time login to Lobby (Completed)
  • Disable cross server chat (isolate World chat) (Completed)
  • Disable inventory transfer across servers (Completed)
  • Enable fall damage in server hub (Completed)